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Equator Coffee

Equator Coffee - 340g

Equator Coffee - 340g

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Bean or Ground?

Discover Equator Coffee: A local roaster and part of a co-op coffee community. Producing delicious coffee that is Organic, Fair Trade, Carbon Responsible and Certified B Corp.

Proceeds from each sale help support our accessible to all financial model and ensure Waldorf education is an option to all families in the Ottawa area. 

Orders will be available for pick up on November 25th from 11am to 3pm at Polaris School & Centre, 1805 Gaspe Ave., Ottawa ON K1K 0A4 - the same day as the annual Starlight Fair.


The following Coffee is available in whole beans or regular grind

Polaris Espresso - Medium: A bright espresso to lead your day. Fair trade and organic coffee.

Freakin' Good Coffee - Medium: The name says it all. This long-time favourite is so good, it'll blow your mind. Organic. Fair trade.

North Star - Espresso: Sweet, smooth and silky, this espresso roast shines bright and leads the way to a better day.                                                               

Sweet Justice - Medium: A flavourful and bright coffee with enough soul and body to justify another cup.

Outlier - Dark: This coffee stands apart for its chocolatey smoothness and clean, simple finish. It tells its own story of success.

Nth Degree Dark- Dark: Roasted with the utmost care to the utmost degree, our dark roast is rich and bold, with power to carry you through the day. Tasting Notes: Smokey, Molasses, Powerful

JOMO Decaf - Medium: Oh, the Joy of Missing Out. Thankfully, caffeine is the only thing you'll miss in our delicious, naturally processed decaf.


More information will be sent prior to. Questions? Please email us at

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