Magical Motherhood.  Brenda Hammond

Magical Motherhood. Brenda Hammond

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A Baby

Maybe you feel it’s time to start a family. Perhaps you even sense a soul approaching from the heavenly worlds. Possibly, you’re already pregnant—whether intentionally or by… Surprise! In every case, bringing a child into the world is one of life’s most special and important tasks. You could justifiably call it sacred.

Recently a woman who stated she’d read everything she possibly could about pregnancy and birth commented on the Guardian U.K. website. She wrote: ‘Nobody told me this could be a spiritual experience’.

This is the lens through which this book is written, for the parents and the coming child. Here you’ll find many practical tips and ‘how to’s’; writings to help you physically, soulfully and spiritually.

Our children are too precious for us to be led by the latest fads and fancies. For the thinking mother who truly cares, there’s another way, a more conscious way to go about welcoming your spiritual child.

The big questions are:

How will you receive your child in a way that remains faithful to the divine origins of the human being?

How will you prepare so that this incarnating soul will have the best instrument to fulfill its destiny? In other words, to be as healthy as possible, bodily as well as soulfully.

Originally a series of letters to a beloved daughter-in-law, this ebook is an updated version of a print title which appeared as ‘Magical Motherhood’. It was decided, for ease of reading, to split the content into two; the same way you’ll feel once your baby is born! In a good way, of course!

This first volume is all about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and after. It will accompany you through your baby’s first six weeks of life.