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North Star Crafts honours childhood by offering natural toys and products which spark children’s creativity and instill a sense of awe and wonder. With a focus on natural materials, items are sourced from socially-conscious businesses and local artisans.

North Star Crafts is inspired by Waldorf Education and a holistic view of child development. Acknowledging the benefit this education can have on children and their families, all proceeds go to support Polaris School and
Centre’s accessible to all financial model, supporting families whose children
would otherwise not be able to attend and ensure that this holistic approach is accessible to all.

Thank you for your support. Take your time to browse and we hope you enjoy our offerings.

  • "Polaris is more than just a school for my child, it is a place where my family has found a community."

    - AL

  • "I look forward to the Wednesday Crafting Circle at Polaris. It is wonderful to connect with others, craft and share and know that I am helping to support families at the school through their accessible to all financial model."

    - DC

  • "So happy to have found Polaris and North Star Crafts. I love the idea of supporting Waldorf education by purchasing items that are handmade or from socially conscious companies."

    - BS