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An Introduction to Steiner Education

An Introduction to Steiner Education

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"To educate youth ... is to ennoble the mind, to fire the imagination, to fortify the will and to quicken initiative for life.' So writes Francis Edmunds in this inspiring, authoritative and popular introduction to Steiner (Waldorf) Education. Rudolf Steiner's educational system, well established and respected on the European continent, is gradually spreading internationally. Its radical principles, based on a view of the human being as composed of body, soul and spirit, allows for a truly holistic and balanced education that nourishes the whole child.

The author explains in a clear, lively style many aspects of Steiner's educational theory, in particular the three stages of childhood development and how the Waldorf curriculum allows for a healthy understanding, nurturing and support of these phases. The role of the class teacher, the 'main lesson', temperaments, attitudes to discipline, competition and examinations are all discussed, and answers given based on the author's many years of rich and varied experience as an educator of both children and adults.

This volume is an excellent introduction to the theory and practice of Steiner education, both for teachers or educationalists who would like to know more about Steiner's ideas, and for parents thinking of sending their child to a Waldorf school.

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