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Building Set Lara

Building Set Lara

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Inspire the creative minds of young builders with our captivating set of round and elegantly shaped Circle Flower Blocks. These versatile blocks empower children to create mesmerizing two-dimensional graphic patterns and mandalas, as well as fascinating three-dimensional structures like towers, houses, fences, and even ships. The possibilities are as vast as their imaginations!

Crafted with a curved shape, these blocks present a natural challenge for children, encouraging them to experiment and discover the optimal combinations for stability. As they build and play, little ones develop essential fine motor skills and cultivate their spatial thinking abilities, laying a solid foundation for future learning.

Let the Circle Flower Building Blocks ignite a world of creativity and exploration. Watch as your child's imagination takes flight, their motor skills flourish, and their spatial thinking expands. Bring home this extraordinary set today and witness the wonders that unfold as your little ones embark on endless building adventures!

73 pieces in wooden frame, Ø = 40 cm , H = 4 cm

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