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Grimm's Blue-Green Mobile Home

Grimm's Blue-Green Mobile Home

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Small Mobile Home: A Portable Haven for Imaginative Play!

Step into a world of boundless imagination with our delightful Small Mobile Home. This enchanting set includes a roof, 3 versatile arcs for a cozy bed, a cradle, or even a wall, 2 felt pieces to inspire creativity, a charming cooker, 2 comfortable chairs, a table for shared meals, and a convenient shelf for storing treasured belongings. With 14 thoughtfully crafted pieces, this mobile home sparks endless adventures.

Designed for easy transport and play on-the-go, the pieces are held together by a vibrant orange felt cover, while two cotton cords allow children to carry their mobile home to friends' houses, restaurants, or summer adventures in the park. Let their imagination roam free as they create stories and bring the mobile home to life in various settings.

Allow your child's imagination to soar with the captivating Small Mobile Home. A portable haven of joy and endless possibilities, it's ideal for imaginative play at home, on-the-go adventures, or sharing imaginative stories with friends. Order yours today and witness the wonders that unfold within this miniature world of imagination!


12 pieces + 2 small felt pieces and felt cover.
Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain.
Size: length 19cm, height 15cm.

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