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More Lifeways

More Lifeways - Finding support and inspiration in family life

More Lifeways - Finding support and inspiration in family life

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More Lifeways invites the sharing of experiences of parenting and family paths. Authors write from their hearts, offering readers space for encouragement and support. There are no easy answers to the challenges of parenting. However, learning from each others' experiences can help on the many journeys that different families tread. Here is an invitation to a conversation about things to question, areas to explore, and things to build on. This includes moments for laughter, for joy and for being deeply moved. There are many practical and wise insights to prepare the way ahead. With Lifeways, readers said they "felt met, strengthened, inspired, sometimes saved' by the book lying half-read on the bedside table." More Lifeways offers further help―a ready source book for parents.

There are twenty-seven articles on a wide variety of themes relevant to the challenges of modern parenting. These include subjects such as: listening and the art of relationship, inner development, money, sex and power, spirituality, shadow and wonder, single parenting, fathering, mid-life changes, death and dying in the family, the needs of children in the 1990s, international adoption, being adopted, sports and our children, television, alternatives to video media, adolescence, raising our daughters, and many more.

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