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Mother Goose Remembers

Mother Goose Remembers

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Mother Goose's topsy-turvy nursery world has intrigued and delighted many generations of children, parents, and grandparents. For this playful, evocative, and nostalgic volume of nursery rhymes, artist Clare Beaton has drawn on her extensive range of antique fabrics, threads, and bric-a-brac, stitching into every scene a feather from Mother Goose's plumage. Youngsters will delight in repeating the rhymes and finding Mother Goose's feathers as they travel through all kinds of landscapes, from the marketplace to the moon, meeting many old favourites such as Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Jack Sprat, and lazy Elsie Marley on their way. Clare Beaton's exquisitely hand-sewn illustrations evoke a dreamlike air of bygone childhood days, ensuring that 'Mother Goose Remembers' will stir many memories among older readers and provide today's toddlers with a truly covetable treasury.

Written and illustrated by Clare Beaton

Age Range: 0-5 yrs old

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