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Ocean Anatomy

Ocean Anatomy

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Ocean Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the World under the Sea.

Dive into the captivating depths of the sea with "Ocean Anatomy" by Julia Rothman and John Niekrasz. This best-selling illustrated book is part of Rothman's acclaimed Anatomy series, offering an artistic exploration of the wonders that lie beneath the waves.

Join Rothman on an inquisitive and visually stunning journey as she explores shorelines, traverses the open ocean, and delves into the mysteries of the underwater world. Through her intricate drawings and insightful observations, you'll uncover the secrets of how the world's oceans came to be, why they are salty, and the fascinating forces that give rise to oceanic phenomena like rogue waves.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant pages of "Ocean Anatomy" as you encounter colorful anatomical profiles of sea creatures, from crustaceans to cetaceans. Discover the diversity and beauty of marine life while also exploring seafaring vessels and lighthouses that dot the oceanic landscape. This comprehensive compendium of curiosities goes beyond the wonders of the deep, shedding light on important topics such as the impact of plastic pollution and the consequences of warming water temperatures.

"Ocean Anatomy" is an engaging and educational resource that entertains and enlightens readers of all ages. Whether you're a marine enthusiast, a curious mind, or simply seeking a visually captivating experience, this book will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the majestic world that exists beneath the surface of the sea.

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