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Ostheimer Male elephant (Trunk down)

Ostheimer Male elephant (Trunk down)

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Introducing the majestic Male Elephant with Trunk Down figurine from Ostheimer-Figures. Hand-crafted with utmost precision in Germany, each piece is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating exceptional toys that ignite the magic of imaginative play.

The lumber used in crafting our exquisite toys is sourced from sustainable domestic forestry, ensuring a harmonious connection between our creations and the environment we hold dear.

Immerse your child in a world of boundless creativity with our enchanting toys. Each product is lovingly shaped and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, inviting children to embark on extraordinary adventures and weave their own captivating stories.

Safety and quality are at the core of our mission. We use only certified materials in the creation of our toys, ensuring not only the highest standards of craftsmanship but also providing parents with peace of mind, knowing that their child's playtime is filled with joy and security.

Discover the wonder of the Male Elephant with Trunk Down figurine, where craftsmanship and imagination converge. Let your child's imagination roam free as they delve into a realm of limitless possibilities with this extraordinary creation from Ostheimer-Figures.

Height: 14.5 cm.

Recommended for children over 3 years.

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