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Owling: Enter the World of the Mysterious Birds of the Night.

Step into the enchanting realm of owls with "Owling: Enter the World of the Mysterious Birds of the Night" by Mark Wilson. This captivating book takes young readers on an exploration of real-life owls, unraveling the secrets of their intriguing behaviors and remarkable abilities.

As a wildlife photojournalist and nature educator, Mark Wilson provides a unique perspective into the lives of these fascinating creatures. Stunning images showcase the 19 owl species found in North America, capturing their nesting habits, graceful flight, skillful hunting, and captivating moments of prey capture. Alongside the mesmerizing visuals, readers will discover captivating facts about owls' silent flight, exceptional eyes and ears, haunting calls, and captivating nocturnal lifestyles.

With "Owling," kids will not only learn how to spot owls but also gain knowledge on identifying their distinct calls, plumage, and pellets. The book even provides insights on engaging in a hooting conversation with a nearby owl, immersing young readers in the world of owl communication.

Join the adventure and expand your understanding of these mysterious birds of the night through the captivating pages of "Owling." Let their beauty and wonder capture your imagination and ignite a lifelong fascination with these remarkable creatures.

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