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Wooden Lotus Flower

Wooden Lotus Flower

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Unleash Boundless Imagination in Young Minds!

Our extraordinary Lotus Flower toy is the perfect companion for small children, stimulating their creativity and providing endless hours of engaging play. Crafted with care, this 9-piece set is designed to grow alongside your child, adapting to their evolving interests and abilities.

From the moment toddlers lay their hands on the Flower, they'll eagerly explore its many possibilities. Watch as they stack, sort, and build, developing crucial motor skills while enjoying the tactile experience. As children grow older, the Flower magically transforms into a whimsical fence for their beloved animal friends, a captivating tunnel for their fleet of vehicles, and a cozy home for imaginative dwarfs and dollhouse dolls.

Unlock the door to endless imaginative play with the Lotus Flower. A toy that seamlessly integrates into the magical realm of your child's imagination, captivating their senses and fostering creativity like never before.

Bring the joy of the Lotus Flower to your child's playtime today, and witness the incredible power of imagination at work.


Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain.
Size: height 22cm.

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